Spring Clean your online brand

Most people have some sort of declutter or clean up at least once a year.  But when did you last declutter your online presence? Whether you are an individual or a business, most of us have an online self.

Our network has just gone through a bit of makeover with a new logo and now it's time to do more than just the facelift.  So, here are our top tips for getting your online house in order.

1. Security and Privacy Settings

As a minimum, make sure you are happy you're only sharing what you intend to with who you intend to on the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.   And get stronger passwords - capitals, numbers and special characters.  As someone whose email has been hacked, twice, I can't tell you how frustrating it is.

2. Pick your Platform Carefully

For many people, this evolves organically.  But, if you are a business, or have an individual public brand you really need to think about where you need to be online because trying to be on everything is time consuming, and time is money.  So, where is your target market hanging out - is it Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, etc? Which platforms integrate well?  Which of your online positions are getting you leads?  Don't think you have to be on everything and do a bit of research into how easy these platforms are to maintain and keep fresh without having to call your web developer each time you need to make a simple change.

3. Spring clean

This is where you stand back, look for signs of staleness, messy or cluttered layouts and then get the broom out! It might be easier if you ask someone else to take a look and give you an honest opinion about what your online presence says to them.  Give everything a visual tidy up and make sure all of your contact information, links and 'about us' info is still all valid.

After that, you're good to go