Eat that Frog

Recently I spent a week at Juicy Oasis in Portugal.  For me, it has been an absolute game changer - physically, mentally and spiritually.

On checking in, I found that the book, Eat That Frog, had been placed in my room.  In my mind this was no coincidence, as I have some big decisions to make and lots of things I want to get done in the next year. It was an amazing week, made all the more special because Jason vale, aka Juicemaster himself was there.  This was no coincidence - this was the universe aligning!!!

Anyway, since coming back, I recommended Eat that Frog to a colleague because he is mulling over his next big move, which could be life-changing.  He fell asleep on the sofa reading the book and his mum asked his wife what it was about.  She managed to convince his mum that he is reading it because he is thinking about giving up being a vegetarian and that the book was about how one could go back to eating meat.  His mum said she was really surprised because he's been veggie since a teenager, so around 20 years.  The wife continued the yarn by saying that the book recommends that you start with frog, but they are really difficult to find in this country so they may have to get a pond put into the garden to attract them.  The mum then says "That's so strange, you'd have thought they'd have started with chicken!"

You couldn't make it up!