Do one new thing for 28 days

Summer holidays are a fantastic time to reflect and refocus.

At our Lean In Circle meetings, we always ended with everyone setting one action that they would undertake in the next 30 days.  The idea behind this is that we can surely find the time, the headspace and the energy to do one new thing in for a month.  As our inspiration, we watched Matt Cutts brilliantly funny TED talk.

There are lots of different ways to form lasting habits but I was reminded again of the monthly challenge, or 28-day goal, during a revitalising stay at the amazing Juicy Oasis.  Not being content with one thing, I've selected to do two things, focusing on eating better and being more active.

Stilettos is kicking off a power-house of events to provide the inspiration you need to start on your 'one-thing'.  In August, we are delighted to be hosting Her Invitation, who are running a Power and Influence workshop, which will reframe how you see yourself, how you interact with the world around you and give you the confidence boost you need to go for it.

In September, Stilettos will be hosting Soup to Nuts and award-winning blogger Suzie Elliot, who are launching a 2-part blogging workshop - how to write something people will read and how to make money from it.  If Matt Cutts could write an entire novel in 30 days, surely you can start a blog in 28.