Leaning In With Stilettos Network

2016 was a massive transitional year as we all as individuals became more aware of the choices we’ve made and the choices we want to make to create the lives we most want to live.

Most people around us day to day gasp at the impossible, they balk at alternative ways of doing things and give out a lot of advice on how to spin plates when the truth is they glued them to the sticks and have just been dancing around for an age selling tickets to an illusion, selling secrets that don’t necessarily enable us to get to our preferred arrival place in life. Fake plates on sticks - watch out for those. 

It's the heart that sets Stilettos Network apart from anything else. The essence that i know has touched everyone in our network who has attended one of our events. You will know what that sudden rush of exuberance and excitement feels like that can overcome us whenever we meet of opportunity, self belief and empowerment - it’s a better high than 6 lumps of sugar in a mai tai. We share, support, get to know and grow with each other and through the one thing that unites us all - to cut all the bullshit and be better at being our full authentic selves, to move our minds, hearts and our lives closer in to a whole that makes sense for us to lead happy fulfilled lifestyles and to make genuine caring connections with each other - whatever that means to each of us. That is where the magic happens with our network, because we want to learn, we want to evolve and above all we instinctively know that it really should be easier somehow.

There is nothing more powerful than getting a healthy balance of giving AND receiving and at the heart of our network there is the beating belief that we have so much to give and we all have so much to receive.

If you took part in our Lean In transformation workshops you’ll remember the goal we set back in January in our first sessions - what was yours? and if you didn’t set one - what would yours be now?

Last January i set my goal that within 30 days i would be performing (singing) on stage. I set that goal for myself because i knew i had to do it inspite of how far away the universe felt like it was conspiring for it be -

When 30 days had past i’d felt like i’d failed - gone backwards even - I’d recorded so many tunes but was so limited production wise i was frustrated but single minded. I refused to let myself down but i also came to terms with the fact that the goal had meant i was ready - when 30 days came i was ready to roll, but it wasn’t the right time and i came to know about myself that i was in fact waiting for the right moment and accepted that i would intuitively step forward when it felt right. 

That sounds like a total cop out right!? i can see why you’d think that. but for me it was the total opposite - the incompletion of a goal was driving me BONKERS! But sometimes when we want something so much we are picking up on it arriving in our lives also.

100% Stilettos Network Inspired to me to jump for the stars, which was the very reason we began our Become a Successful Blogger workshops in the first place. Stilettos made me know that i had the power to make the dreams i had been dreaming come true. When i shut up Hotfestivals first season in 2015 i made a wish that i hadn’t thought of much - to kick off 2016 in Croatia! 

I thought - why not? lets see! and the incredible opportunity to do just that happened - and it happened because i went out and got it for myself because i had nothing to fear and nothing to lose. Faced with missing our Blogging Masterclass  or actually going and living it  was no choice at all - i had to.. It’s what Stilettos Network had been rooting for, for me.

I intuitively knew there was something special about this trip - I’d only booked it 3 days before i flew out and i had a persistent knowing i was going to meet Kerri Chandler and hang out with him when i was there - EVERYONE LAUGHED AT ME when i told them this. EVERYONE. 

My very first day out there i went straight to the festival jumped on to a boat party danced for my life and got off feeling like i might pass out from dehydration, i was literally seeing stars like in a Tom & Jerry cartoon - i sat down and when id had some water and my eyes began to clear i found out i was infact sat on the table next to Kerri Chandler and ended up interviewing and having lunch with him - we talked for hours. Flash forward to 3am that night in an open air super club with all the festival ravers there to bring home their first night - i was dancing in the crowd and turned to someone and said - I’ve got to sing over Kerri Chandlers set - we didn’t even turn to face each other before i went to the dj booth and ended up making my Performance debut - totally Freestyle, totally in the mix and totally wild. If i hadn’t have had Stilettos Network in my corner i wonder if i’d still be waiting. Without the support, heart and backbone that we collectively make together as a network i don’t think i’d feel as bright about my future as i do right now, because the truth is each of us has that one thing that beckons us the most, yet we stand in our own way of for whatever reason of the season. 

I’m starting my year with a big thank you to Stilettos because you’ve already changed my life and i hope this year we can help change yours, because the truth about Stilettos Network is we’re all in it together.

So, Whats the one thing you might not dare to think could possibly happen this year? Perhaps just thinking about what it is could change everything.